What is a good catchy theme name for a party?

Answer Color Me Happy Sweet 16I got th MUSIC in me..SWEET 16Sweet 16..color me happy with music in my feet...and a song in my heart...these could be banners*(*

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What is a good theme for a teen's b-day party?

First of all, NO GAMES! WAY TOO DORKY for 13 year olds!Take them out for pizza,(or order in), and then let them come home and "slumber" on the floor, talk about boys, watch rented videos, jacuzzi,... Read More »

What's a good birthday party theme?

hmmmm...go with adventure time because 1D wont be a good choice they will think you are a 10 year i woould go with adventure time it seems more teenish.have fun

What are some good ideas for a theme party?

Secret Agent (cheers to my friend for that)DiscoBad LuckFriday teh 13thZombie party!!!Everyone come dressed as the person holding the party-party.Arabian NightsFrench ThemeMidsummer Nights dreamFai... Read More »

A good theme for a teen party?

Winter wonderland (fluffy skank)Summer timesthe 90scross-dressing (yes! well at least the guys, heaps fun)glitter and stars (lame..but if you can't think of anything least you can wear shi... Read More »