What Nursery Rhyme MGBYAM?

Answer Mary had a little lamb, she kept in the back yard. And when she took her panties off his woolly dick got hard!

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What is your favourite nursery rhyme?

old macdonald loved singing it to the kids at work

What was your favorite nursery rhyme?

Wynken, Blynken and Nod one night sailed off in a wooden shoesailed on a sea of crystal lightinto the sea of dew.WHere are you going and what do you wishthe old moon asked the threewe have come to ... Read More »

What do you think of this updated Nursery Rhyme?

Once again, very creative and updatedfor sure! Changing w/the times! heh~heh~your new version made me laugh and Ilike it alot~ thanks for it!

What nursery rhyme talks about mary?

Mary had a little lamb.Mistress Marry, quite contrary, how does your garden grow. Ms Mary Mack