What is a good new year's resolution?

Answer Mine is to kick *** in EVERYTHING that I school.Mostly Cross Country and Track.Ya know...wins some medals.=]

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What can i do for ma new years resolution?

Hard for someone to give you direct answer to this.Just pick an area in your life that you feel needs improvement, and resolve to fix it.

What is your New Years Resolution?

Wow!! Good for you!!I wish you nothing but the best and a most positive future...It's great that you are finding yourself again as well as beginning a terrific new journey, and remember.....The fut... Read More »

What is the most popular New Years resolution?

What is you New years Resolution/s and do you think your gonna stick to it?

lets see to go back to school so i can get a better job, and to leave my husband by the end of this year,, i am not gonna live like this any longer, its time i live for me,,