What is a good nationwide restaurant?

Answer pizza: devani'sall Italian: olive gardenfast food: Culver'sChinese: any buffet (most are privately owned)if you want good, fast, and not that pricey go to Culver's.

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What's a good restaurant name for a fancy, rich italian restaurant?

Is there a good restaurant in Philly that is high up with lots of windows and a good view?

There isnt much left, there used to many back in the day from what i have been told but have long been gone.this is the only one that i know of... the other one is a "club" and is by invitation onl... Read More »

Any good recommendations for a Theatre District restaurant in NYC that's good and not too $$$?

What is a good Name for my restaurant?

What type of food will you serve? Are we talking Fast food, fine dining, breakfast and lunch only, diner type food? Will make a difference in what name would work.