What is a good name for a webcast?

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What Is a Webcast?

A webcast is a live streaming broadcast on the Internet. Webcasts may contain audio or video media, and give people an opportunity to see a major event as it unfolds. One common use for webcasts is... Read More »

What do i need to webcast?

The tools for conducting a webcast depend on the webcaster's goals. The resulting quality and scale of the webcast can hinge on these tools.DescriptionThe term "webcast" most commonly refers to a v... Read More »

What kind of camera do you need to make a webcast?

you need a camcorderYou not only need a camcorder but a DV camcorder. If you have a new High Def camcorder, you will not be able to do webcast because the image to be processed is too high in quali... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Video Conferencing & a Webcast?

Web conferencing is virtual meetings held over the Internet. These meetings allow participants to train virtually by looking at documents or watching content simultaneously. Video conferencing hold... Read More »