What is your favourite movie that is so bad that it's good?

Answer The hands down winner has got to be: Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959). Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr.. With Gregory Walcott, Mona McKinnon, Duke Moore, Tom Keene. Aliens resurrect dead humans as zomb... Read More »

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QUICK! good movie to watch right now!?

How much are madinae(Dont know if spelled that right) tickets for a movie in las vegas ?

I assume you mean matinee for the afternoon and morning movies.It depends a lot on the theater.I think the IMAX at the Palms is still about $14 even matinee, but I have seen some theaters with $5 a... Read More »

What was the last movie you watched that had a great soundtrack or at least one good song?

Is there a movie that was so good you wished it never ended?

Hey youI wish Jack Goes Boating never ended , or The Big LebowskiThey should've done a Lebowski 2.0 but with Walter being the main bomb in the movieBA : this one Read More »