What is a good moisturizer for your face?

Answer On One Hand: Moisturizers Should Meet Basic NeedsAll facial skin requires moisture and sun protection. Sebaceous glands in the dermis produce hydrating sebum oil. But sometimes they produce too lit... Read More »

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Is it good or bad that your face stings when you put on moisturizer or lotion?

if you have sunburn. good.if you have acne..........bad.or if you have a normal clean face still..bad!it should soothen and moisturize not sting!

What is the best moisturizer for your face?

On One Hand: Know Your Skin TypeWith various skin care products marketed each year, it is important to know what type of skin you have: oily, normal/combination, dry, sensitive or sun- damaged. Lau... Read More »

Is Vaseline a good face moisturizer?

On One Hand: Vaseline ProtectsAccording to its website, Vaseline petroleum jelly provides a barrier against outside elements while reducing moisture loss from the skin.The University of Iowa Hospit... Read More »

Good drugstore face wash and moisturizer?

Any facewash with salicylic acid would work. Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Clearasil are good options. There's a website and they sell the "Regimen" kit, it comes with acne treatment + moistu... Read More »