A good tasting, but strong, mixed drink?

Answer grateful dead is good, here's a recipe:

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What mixed drink can both males and females comfortably drink at a party?

Always rum and coke or mixes like that! ;)

Do I drink this mixed or unmixed?

for me the link doesnt show anything but for liquers i think its best to drink alone unless its jagermeister then you should make a jager bomb :D Like 3 to 4 shots will get you drunk

Fun mixed drink ideas!?

For the gin bring like 6 cans of tonic water thats goes well with it. Whiskey you can bring coca cola and also ginger ale work nicely. though its kind of hard to find simple coctails for those two.... Read More »

What drink is tequila most often mixed with?

The most popular drinks today that are made with tequila are margaritas and tequila sunrises. A tequila sunrise is simply tequila mixed with orange juice. The splash of grenadine is just thrown in... Read More »