So, what metal band are you?

Answer Iron Maiden"You`re Iron Maiden! You`re a legend in the music industry. Your legacy has lasted close to 25 years. You`re all about moderation...never too much of anything, but never too little. You`... Read More »

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What is the metal band on a pencil called?

The metal band on a pencil is called a ferrule. The ferrule attaches a pencil to its eraser. The application of the eraser and the ferrule is the final stage in pencil manufacturing and is accompli... Read More »

What is a good band name for a emo, punk band?

What is the metal band around a pencil called?

The metal band around the tip of the pencil that holds the eraser on is called a ferrule. Adding the ferrule is part of the last step to manufacturing pencils. The eraser is placed on the pencil an... Read More »

What is the name of the best black metal band that ever existed in the history of rock?

That's debatable, but in terms of their effect and influence I'd say Venom, since they more or less invented black metal.