What is a good menu for a vegan food truck?

Answer Oh, I just saw a spot on a show about the Seabirds's vegan food truck the other day.... it looked so good.... check out the menu at the link below :)

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Can someone find something vegan on this menu?

bruschetta or hummus (as long as no cheese), vegan tomato bisque, meatless stir fry so not much but let the server know you're vegan and then can take out any cheese or meat and make substitutions

Could you please recommend healthy vegetarian or vegan daily menu?

Here are some web sites with some great vegetarian/vegan food.http://amys.comhttp://gardenburger.comhttp://yvesveggie.comhttp://sunshineburger.comhttp://rightfoods.com -they ha... Read More »

What is a food menu?

Whether you go out to eat at a sit-down restaurant or take your meal to go from a drive-through, one thing remains the same: a food menu will be provided to you to make your food selection.Function... Read More »

I need help naming my food truck. southern (sol food) theme?