How can I make my margarita recipe more palatable to people who don't like tart drinks?

Answer if it were me, i'd cheat and use margarita mix instead of so much lime because its sweeter, either that, or replace half the lime juice with rose's lime to add sweetness...EDIT:...i found this arti... Read More »

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Any ideas what to put in a Margarita themed gift basket besides margarita mix and glasses?

I got one of these before and included were a set of green margarita classes that had cactus shaped handles on them. Also some salt for the rims. The glasses can be found at the Beverages and mor... Read More »

What is a good Margarita Mixer?

An actual margarita doesn't use much lime juice or any syrup. This will probably be more expensive, but it'll take less to do the job and hit like a hammer.1.5 oz good quality blanco tequila;1.5 oz... Read More »

What is a Good Foot Spa Recipe?

Pampering your feet is a wonderful way to relax but you don't have to spend tons of money at a spa. A few easy homemade recipes will get you started on an excellent spa treatment. No matter what re... Read More »

What is a good donut glaze recipe?

Try 1 cup of powdered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla or lemon juice, then add water a few teaspoons at a time until its roughly the consistency of syrup. Coat the doughnut completely and let it dry. If it... Read More »