What is a good light to use for indoor plants?

Answer On One Hand: Fluorescent BulbsAccording to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, typical indoor lighting will not produce the amount of heat and light necessary to grown an indoor plant. Fluorescent ... Read More »

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Indoor Plants That Need Low Light?

All indoor plants need some light for photosynthesis. But if your home or office has only low light due to surrounding trees, other buildings or small windows, some houseplants will still flourish.... Read More »

Indoor Plants That Require Little Light?

Indoor houseplants can be found in a variety of colors and shapes, and many can survive on very little light. Low-light houseplants can tolerate months of low light before deterioration is evident.... Read More »

Indoor Plants That Require Low Light?

Low-light areas of the home are often considered inhospitable to houseplants, but that is not necessarily the case. If chosen wisely, many houseplants can tolerate and even thrive in dim areas, pro... Read More »

How to Provide the Right Light Requirements for Indoor Plants?

One of the reasons that indoor plants don't grow as well as they could is that they aren't given the right type of light for the plant. Not every indoor plant can tolerate the window sill or no lig... Read More »