What is a good indoor plant?

Answer lucky bamboo

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Is an indoor plant good for your health?

House plants are good for your health. Scientific studies show house plants improve physical health. The process by which indoor plants improve health is the same as the process by which plant life... Read More »

Any good home made indoor/outdoor plant ferterlizers?

I use sheep poo and/or Epsom Salt, depends on the plant and both works very well.

Indoor Plant List?

An indoor plant garden brings the outdoors inside, bringing with it the satisfaction of gardening to those who do not have a yard. Additionally, indoor plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and t... Read More »

Indoor Plant Gnats?

Fungus gnats can be a troublesome indoor garden pest. Adult gnats are an annoyance as they fly around the home, and their soil-borne larvae damage plant roots. Does this Spark an idea?