What's a good home remedy for a toothache?

Answer If you have any ground cloves,add a little water to it and make a paste..and pack it around your sore tooth till you can get to a dentist...It really does help to ease the pain!...I hope you or who... Read More »

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How to Remedy Migraine Vertigo?

Migraine vertigo is an unsettling condition that usually includes dizziness and headache that strikes when you least expect it. It occurs more often in women then in men. Symptoms may include nause... Read More »

What is best remedy for a migraine headache?

Imitrex works for me butyou don't necessarily need a doctor's prescription to treat your headaches. Here are some ways you can find relief, without medication: Apply an ice pack to the painful area... Read More »

Home Remedy for a Good Eye Makeup Remover?

To maintain the optimal health and beauty of your complexion, it is important to always thoroughly wash off your makeup before you go to sleep every night. Eye makeup in particular is important to ... Read More »

What is a good home remedy for a itchy scalp?

Vicks, rub in scalp it will tingle and really relax you...let it stay in a few minutes. In the the water as hot as you can take..let the steam work for a few min. you will feel really ... Read More »