What is a good heart pulse rate for men?

Answer A good or normal heart pulse rate for men is in the 60- to 100-beats-per-minute range. Men who frequently participate in cardiovascular activity may have a lower heart rate than normal without comp... Read More »

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41 years old blood pressure 143/72 pulse rate 60...good or bad?

Is heart rate of 210 good or bad?

It's bad which could be due to lots of things, at 210 just from walking, you are at high risk of developing a heart attack. this could be due to stress or not getting enough rest, but Judging from ... Read More »

Resting Heart Rate Good or Bad?

"BTW I weigh around 104 -105kg if that helps" -- It may help. 104-105kg is 229-231.5 pounds. I can't absolutely say "lose weight" because I have no idea how tall you are or what your build is b... Read More »

Is 86 a good resting heart rate for a 13 yo boy?

That is rather high..You may want to look into exercising daily, or doing cardio to bring it down.