What's the best remedy for a bad hang over!?

Answer no, drinking water is NOT bad. part of a hangover is that you're drink water, take aspirin and/or pepto bismol, eat

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What a good beverage to zap you, when you feel bone tired and fatigued, or a good remedy?

1 table spoon honey mixed with half-lemon juice. Have it with luke warm water.

Are you a good sleeper I am not..........the older I get the less I sleep...what is a good remedy for that?

I can sleep good if I don t0uch coffee after 2 pm. ANd a remedy to you to make sure you are really tired before you go to bed so you sleep good

ANY good remedy for an ear infection ?

What is a good remedy for constipation?

an apple or two or three a day, keeps the doctor could take some good old ex-lax, and drink lots and lots of water...and eat lots of salad also...everyday, buy something with lots of fibe... Read More »