What is a good handheld GPS for around $200.?

Answer If you want my honest opinion. The Magellan is probably the best easy to use and easy to maintain. I've dropped so many magellan in my car, I'm surprised it hasn't broken yet. But like all handh... Read More »

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Good flat bed scanner and are these better than a handheld none for books?

I have got a HP Scanjet 5590 that I purchased recently. It does everything I need it to. As a tip, I found mine a site dedicated to locating the best prices called Good luc... Read More »

Is firewood ash from a fireplace any good as a fertilizer or not a good idea to use in garden or around trees?

Yes, as long as you are just burning wood (no plastics, pressure treated lumber ect) the ash is a good soil amendment. Basically you are recreating the natural process a forest fire does in rapidly... Read More »

What is a good quality red wine for around $30-$40?

You quote two grape varieties. The grape is a small part of the final wine. the vintage is just as importantGo for something French - Bordeaux.Red wines are not sweet but the word dry is not approp... Read More »

What are good cctv for my home around £200 for 2?

I found this system:…It is a 2 camera system that comes with a 4 camera DVR (which means you can upgrade to 2 more cameras later). The cameras have night ... Read More »