What is a good handheld GPS for around $200.?

Answer If you want my honest opinion. The Magellan is probably the best easy to use and easy to maintain. I've dropped so many magellan in my car, I'm surprised it hasn't broken yet. But like all handh... Read More »

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Good flat bed scanner and are these better than a handheld none for books?

I have got a HP Scanjet 5590 that I purchased recently. It does everything I need it to. As a tip, I found mine a site dedicated to locating the best prices called Good luc... Read More »

Handheld GPS ?

Why don't you get one of these 'child-tracker' systems and fix it to their collars? You can buy em on the internet and you can pinpoint the signal transmitted by the chip on the collar? I think I'... Read More »

Which handheld GPS system to buy?

I have TomTom ONE and an older Magellan SportTrak Map. I use the Magellan in my boat. It floats and has a completely waterproof case, as opposed to "water resistant". Well, it was water proof un... Read More »

What is a handheld computer?

Handheld computers, also referred to as PDAs (personal digital assistants), appeared on the market in the 1990s. Many people carry a smartphone featuring a handheld computer and consider it a neces... Read More »