What is a good hairstyle/cut for an Asian girl with really thick hair?

Answer It depends on the face shape if it looks good of not but most asian girls would get either long layers or short layers with side swept bangsjust find a picture, take to your hair stylist, ask if it... Read More »

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What is the best way to "thin out" thick/coarse asian hair?

I don't know about thinning it but I think layering would add volume

What Is a Good Haircut for Thick Hair?

Thick hair has a reputation for being unmanageable, but with the right haircut and technique, you can create beautiful haircuts with very thick hair. The key to a great haircut for thick hair is to... Read More »

What is a good short cut for thick hair?

ok i have the sameeee type of hair and i mean i have crazyyyy thick hair and i was recently looking for a short cut so i went to adam broderick (really expensive salon) and asked them what kind of ... Read More »

What Is a Good Style for a Man With Thick Hair?

Many people think that having a full, thick head of hair is awesome, that it can be styled many different ways, it won’t ever thin out and the man won’t go bald. Thick hair comes with its own s... Read More »