What is a good gaming desktop?

Answer build your own bro. its easy. its cheap. you can build a gaming desktop for like 800 thats better than a 2000 dollar one. its cuz your buying the parts seperatly and the parts sold seperatly are be... Read More »

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Is this a good gaming desktop?

Yes I have bought almost 5 computers from them because I run a gaming companySo ue they are btw the computer I got was 30000 each

Good gaming desktop for around 600$?

If you want a good gaming computer that can handle the games you mentioned (and maybe games coming out in the next few years) then I recommend building it yourself. offers a lot of good... Read More »

Is this a good desktop for gaming and just in general?

Yes it can run those games at the highest settings and it can run them at around 60FPS....that Hard Disk Drive upgrade it to a Solid State Drive in the future if your going to be running just those... Read More »

Is this a good gaming desktop build?

The build is ok ,i am just concerned if the price is $3000 as that is a lot of money for what the build actually is .A good gaming Rig can be built for under $1000 and be able to max out the games ... Read More »