Can you can play with other people on the wii by connecting to the internet?

Answer Using your wireless Internet connection (or the Wii USB adapter), you can connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Nintendo's free online matchmaking service that allows you to play with other pla... Read More »

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How to Play Games Online With Other People?

Video and computer games are a huge part of modern culture, increasingly rivaling Hollywood for their share of the entertainment market, according to the "San Francisco Chronicle." One of the major... Read More »

Can i play battlefield 3 and other game with this spec or should i upgrade my pc?

You can run Bf3 with a upgrade of a gtx 550 ti or a amd hd 6850 graphic card with a 550 watt psu , 4 gb of ram, onbroad graphic s wouldn't begin to run BF3 , what i mention can get low to medium s... Read More »

Would this laptop be good enough to play a game with these requirements (Laptop / game specs inside).?

The short answer to your question is yes. See below for the details.128Mb Ram required, your system has 4GB - Pass500 MHz CPU required, your system has 2.6GHz - PassHD Version of Game:256Mb Ram req... Read More »

What is this game show called I've seen it once and people with guts do stupid things for money while talking via headset to the host ex Lean out a port-a-potty and ask a stranger for a magazine?