How long does it take to play a baseball game?

Answer The average length of a nine-inning Major League Baseball game during the 2009 season was two hours and 55 minutes. In April of 2010, MLB Commissioner Bug Selig said he was exploring ways to speed ... Read More »

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What can a minor (12-17yr old) do on a long plane ride and car ride?

I think there are a lot of things you can do, you can listen to music, watch movie and talk to others, or you can take chess to play or just reading many so many...

Would this laptop be good enough to play a game with these requirements (Laptop / game specs inside).?

The short answer to your question is yes. See below for the details.128Mb Ram required, your system has 4GB - Pass500 MHz CPU required, your system has 2.6GHz - PassHD Version of Game:256Mb Ram req... Read More »

How to Play a Video Game for a Long Time?

and we will play all day long...You may feel bored sometimes, so I will tell you how to play your video game for a long time.

I just bought a HDMI for my PS3 and its making my game play screen looking "long"?

No man.. This happened to me too but only on the web, and I adjusted it by going on the "triangle" and I'll have the option of "viewing full size" that's it bro