What's a good movie [chick-flick] that I could give my friend for her birthday?

Answer notebook i recommend it for everyone great movie

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Do you know Any Chick flick movies?

She's All ThatCruel IntentionsThe Breakfast ClubEasy ALOLThe CraftElection(1999)CluelessMean GirlsThe Girl Next DoorJunoCharlie BartlettNever Been KissedChasing LibertySweet Home AlabamaJust Like H... Read More »

Why is your favorite chick flick and why?

Clueless (1999) Maybe because I was born in the 90s and it really had a strong 90s atmosphere. But most importantly, I love how it portrayed the beautiful queen bee as the protagonist with a nice p... Read More »

Which are the best chick flick movies?

My all time favorite is Fried Green TomatoesGets me every time.I need a tissue

Romantic Chick Flick Starring Johnny Depp?

10 Things I Hate About You. its not johnny depp. its heath ledger…