A good tasting, but strong, mixed drink?

Answer grateful dead is good, here's a recipe:

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What mixed drink can both males and females comfortably drink at a party?

Always rum and coke or mixes like that! ;)

What is the best fruity drink you can think of?

"piece of asss"amaretopeach schnappsvodkasplash of sour"knock me down and **** me"razmatazvodkapeach schnappspineapple juice"red-headed slut"jagermeisterpeach schnappscranberry juice"washington app... Read More »

What alcoholic mixed drink has the least calories?

The calorie counter on igoogle has a Cosmopolitan as about 121 calories - not too bad!

What is the smoothest alcoholic drink (not counting mixed drinks)?

I love brandy, cognac, and tequila myself --- the quality, aged stuff are traditionally smoother; but with most anything in life, you usually get what you paid for. Believe it or not, the other d... Read More »