What is the best fruity drink you can think of?

Answer "piece of asss"amaretopeach schnappsvodkasplash of sour"knock me down and **** me"razmatazvodkapeach schnappspineapple juice"red-headed slut"jagermeisterpeach schnappscranberry juice"washington app... Read More »

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I found out I like the taste of apricot brandy. Is this a gateway drink to liking fruity umbrella drinks?

It is a gateway to whistling Broadway show tunes and listening to Bette Midler.

Good alcohol to mix fruity drinks with?

What's a good sweet fruity wine?

White zin is about as sweet as you're going to get, inexpensive too. Moscato is inexpensive and has a distinct peach flavor, take a look here:…

Good Fruity Alcohol Drinks?

Get your party started with a variety of fruity cocktails. For your party guests that prefer fruity drinks, have a couple ingredients ready to make them a sweet concoction. From sweet-flavored mart... Read More »