What is a good football science fair project?

Answer On One Hand: Focus on PlayersMost football science fair projects focus on the players. You can set up different tests to measure their endurance, breathing levels and training practices. The goal i... Read More »

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What is a good science fair project to make?

On One Hand: Supercooling Water and Snap FreezingShowing that water can be supercooled to freeze at a temperature lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit is a high interest, easy to perform experiment. Th... Read More »

What makes a good science fair project?

On One Hand: What Students Should DoMost science fair groups allow topics on life science, earth science and physical science; some fairs allow inventions as well. Select a topic that peaks the stu... Read More »

What is a good 3rd grade science fair project with an animal?

On One Hand: Conduct a Taste TestTaste tests are simple science fair projects for third graders to conduct because the results are limited. Place two types of dog treats across the room from a dog,... Read More »

What Are Some Good Sixth-Grade Science Fair Project Ideas?

Science fair projects are intended to keep the public and students informed about and involved in the latest developments in scientific endeavor, according to Science in Action. By completing scien... Read More »