What is a good facebook status?

Answer Well here is a bunch than you can use :)This dog, is dog, a dog, good dog, way dog, to dog, keep dog, an dog, idiot dog, busy dog, for dog, 30 dog, seconds dog! ... Now read without the word Read More »

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What are some good Facebook status' ?

Here is a couple good sites for FaceBook Statuses.http://statusforfacebook.com

What is a good facebook Like my status (LMS)?

-L M S *()#Team'Ex()#Team'Bae()#Team'Sexy()#Team'ILY ♥...()#Team'Cute()#Team'I Miss You()#Team'Stranger()#Team'Friend()#Team'Swagged TF' Out()#Team'I Want U()#Team'Lets Get To Know EachOther()#Te... Read More »

How to Write Good Status Updates on Facebook?

Facebook isn't in its infancy anymore and your status updates shouldn't be either. It's time to get savvy about writing status updates that intrigue, interest, and inspire your friends and anybody ... Read More »

Good lyrics to use as your facebook status?

"Wander down the street, and I would be the pavement beneath your feet." - Owl CityOwl City = awesomenessNo, but seriously, anything from an Owl City song is amazing.And they're still pretty unknow... Read More »