I need a good excuse!! =)?

Answer if it is the truth then tell the truth. Why lie about it?

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In need of a good excuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

What do you need an excuse for? To explain why you broke to your parents or to try and scam a new phone?

Good excuse for lost ipod?

Tell her the truth. Even if she gets angry, she'll recall you told the truth when she considers getting other stuff for you in the future and that you could be trusted in telling the truth. Like ... Read More »

How to Come up With a Good Excuse for Unfinished (or Not Done) Homework?

You were at a friend's house last night, and were having too much fun for schoolwork? You completely forgot you had math to do? Too tired for studying? This article will tell you how to come up wit... Read More »

Whats a good excuse for deleting someone on facebook?

"I just felt like it"orIf they ask why you deleted them or something be all like :"Wow, I didn't even notice you were gone, maybe facebook is having problems...again"