I am having a GCB (tv show) themed party - need a good drinking game?

Answer This is a list of the top ten drinking games. Hope this helps! Have fun at the party!…

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Why have you replaced good game shows with that Agenda thing that is NOT a good game show and makes me go back to regular network programing?

Does drinking plenty of water enhance having a good mood/feeling good?

Well, water helps clean out your system of icky bad garbage that is backed in your system. When your body feels clean and healthy inside, then you are happy. Its a psychological state of mind. Your... Read More »

Would or have you played this drinking game?

If all that is required is placing a mustache cut out and I get free beer, I'm in. *runs out of room crying*

What's your favorite drinking game?

go through the alphabet, for every letter, name a sexual phrase. if you cant think of one, you drink. simple.