What is a good drink to put in eggnog?

Answer Traditional additions are dark rum, brandy, or bourbon. I like dark rum the best - but use dark, not white rum! I can't imagine it would be very good with vodka. The brown liquors have some body an... Read More »

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Is eggnog safe to drink while pregnant?

Commercially prepared eggnog is made from pasteurized eggs, therefore it is safe for pregnant women. Homemade eggnog made with raw eggs is not safe, as it can contain salmonella.Yes, as long as it'... Read More »

What kind of brandy is good with eggnog?

Alcohol choices for eggnog range from rum to Irish cream to brandy. According to a popular recipe published in Gourmet Magazine, an aged brandy, such as Cognac, is suggested for eggnog.References:G... Read More »

What is a good alcoholic drink to drink when you want to get proper pissed?

SOJU....that's an Asian drink. Alcohol mixed with formaldehyde.

What liquor do you put in eggnog?

The type of liquor used in eggnog varies from recipe to recipe. Eggnog usually contains some type of rum and brandy, although alternative recipes suggest using a combination of bourbon whiskey and ... Read More »