What is a good drawing tablet at a good price?

Answer Monoprice makes a pretty good 10 x 6" drawing tablet that you can usually find for around $50. It's one of the few drawing tablets that comes close to rivaling a Wacom tablet. The nice thing about ... Read More »

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What is a good lounge in NYC, that has good music, and reasonable price for drinks, to go on Sunday night?

Nothing is affordable in New York,especially on a Sunday night in the summer.

What company provides good web hosting for a good price (say $10/mo) and domain registration? or they both are very very good

Good food, good price, Twin Cities suburbs?

Twin Cities Grill. It's in the Mall of America, but it's good!

Is a ksw 10 a good sub. and im trying to sell it for 180 on san diego craigslist is that a good price?

Klipsch KSW-10 10-Inch 225-Watt Subwoofer (Black) sounds great with my 5.1 system. The bass is strong and sounds great. I like that it is downfiring because my kids can't find the actual speaker to... Read More »