What is a good downloading program for free!?

Answer Utorrent and then download torrents and then wait for the file to be downloaded the files can contain any thing most of them are also illeagal

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What program is best for downloading free music?

An internet radio program does the from a ss-radio you can legally copy.I use a free magazine edition of AudioJack.There are many programs working the same way.

Free program for downloading music to put on iPod for free?

or you can try it same thing like lime wire but its free from the begging i m not sure about viruses

What webstie is good for downloading music for free?

utorrent is what i've used, i've never found anything near to a virus using it because you need to download torrentstorrents are very easy to find, just google themeg, want an eminem album= google ... Read More »

Is Limewire a good site and safe for downloading free music for my ipod?

Itunes is a lot better and worth 99 cents per song, but limewire works. Be careful about what you download on it, though. A good trick to avoid viruses is to type the words in a song name out of ... Read More »