What is a good donut glaze recipe?

Answer Try 1 cup of powdered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla or lemon juice, then add water a few teaspoons at a time until its roughly the consistency of syrup. Coat the doughnut completely and let it dry. If it... Read More »

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I need a good recipe for teriyaki glaze...anyone have one?

I buy the bottled Kikkomans baste and glaze I think it's called.I looked up a recipe for you though. I might just make my own now it seems easy:,176,1541... Read More »

Jelly Donut Bavarian Creme Donut Or Glazed Donut Which do you like better?

If I plant a donut in the ground, will a donut tree grow from where I planted it?

Does anyone have a good recipe?

This is the recipe I've been using for pasta sauce for years, plus a few variations I have added at the end.Italian Marinara Sauce1 small onion, chopped fine1 medium carrot, chopped fine1 stalk cel... Read More »