What is a good dog repellent?

Answer On One Hand: Chili PowderAccording to Gardening Know How, chili powder is one of the most effective dog repellents. It is the most common ingredient in commercial dog repellents. You can sprinkle i... Read More »

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What is a good bat repellent?

On One Hand: Repelling From BuildingsAccording to The Best Control, the most effective way to repel bats is to seal all openings in a roof larger than 3/8-inch with netting or sheet metal. The best... Read More »

What is a good natural mosquito repellent?

On One Hand: California Baby Is Highly ToutedThe Daily Green named California Baby's Bug Repellent Spray the number one natural bug repellent. The spray is designed not only to soothe existing bite... Read More »

How do you keep raccoons away Or what's a good animal repellent that keeps them away?

take cayenne pepper and put it in a spray bottle with water. then spritz it around your tent.when they go near it/sniff it it makes their eyes and nose sting,but doesn't actually hurt them. they wi... Read More »

Is lime good for a snake repellent?

Lime will not repel snakes. Neither will mothballs, sulfur, eggshells or any other home remedy. In fact, some may do more harm than good. For example, powdered sulfur can get under the snake's scal... Read More »