What is a good diet plan Or can someone give me a website, with one?


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I need to loose 2 stone. Please give me a good exercise and diet plan that i can follow.?

Hi Paulina,You need to look at what you are eating and first make the adjustments there, are you cooking /eating large portions ? if so cut them down, also what are you eating. I have recently don... Read More »

I need a good diet and workout plan Help?

search up cardio on youtube they have great videos that will help to lose weightyou should do somee jogging or running alsodo these both combined about 3-4 times a week because your young as you ge... Read More »

What is a good diet plan for me to lose belly fat?

Apparently you know how to lose weight if you just lost 40 lbs? I recommend walking, if you are young, do exercises at school, use whatever machines available you can lose and tighten up about man... Read More »

What is a good vegetarian diet plan that would work well and fast?

I tend not to like strict diet plans. I found that I ate a LOT better when I went vegan (no more cheesey gooey goodness or ice cream). I would suggest going vegan for the period of your diet. Also,... Read More »