What is a good detox for cleaning your system?

Answer i recommend certain types of organic teas without any sugar. there are teas for fasting and detox which do the trick. They usually contain dandelion and dont taste the best.

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When building a swimming pool is it better to put in an in floor cleaning system or the standard polaris cleaning system?

AnswerConsider this: For a 44x22' pool the in-floor system costs $7,000+. For that price you can use a rover type vacume, and have the pool professionaly cleaned weekly for 20+ years. I still can't... Read More »

What additive is good for cleaning out a fuel system?

On One Hand: Many ChoicesA wide variety of good fuel additives are on the market. Several high-quality fuel additives include catalyst, oxygenates and corrosion inhibitor. These additives are used ... Read More »

Is there a faster way to detox you're system from marijuana?

He probably is clean already ,I know some times it stays around longer If he was smoking GOOD weed all day every day. Congratulations on finding some one who chose life over weed

I need a good slogan for my Cleaning service the name is Rise"N shine Cleaning?