What is a good desert for someone who is allergic to eggs and chocolate?

Answer chocolate covered hard boiled eggs

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If you are allergic to eggs can you get a flu vaccination?

Most of the vaccines in the flu vaccinations contain tiny/trace amounts of egg or chicken protein. An egg allergy is a contraindication (i.e., don't use) for these vaccines according to the manufac... Read More »

Should you take the H1N1 vaccine if you are allergic to eggs?

No. Allergy to eggs is a contraindication. See the related question below about who should not get the H1N1/09 vaccine (and this will also apply to vaccines for other influenza viruses since the va... Read More »

Why are dogs allergic to chocolate?

It can be tempting to give dogs, especially cute little puppies, food people find so delicious and satisfying. However, some favorite human treats, like chocolate, can be toxic to dogs.TheobromineT... Read More »

What Makes Dogs Allergic to Chocolate?

If you are a dog owner, you've likely heard conflicting advice about dogs and chocolate. Some people believe that chocolate in small amounts is fine for dogs, while others think that only certain ... Read More »