What is a good description of what beer smells like?

Answer It smells like bread. Maybe bread with a dash of vinegar.

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What is a good beer if you don't like beer?

Miller might be closer tot he mark for you, although an O'Doul;s is on the list

I don't like beer, but I like liquor. Want to open up to beer. What's a good starter?

I don't know much about beer, but stay away from everything you see in commercials and expect to pay $$$ for beer that doesn't taste like piss

You turn on the heat and the air smells funny it kind of smells like glue what could cause this?

Could be bacteria build-up If your vehicle has air conditioning the smell could be caused by build up of bacteria on the heater matrix and in the vents, as this bacteria decays it causes a smell in... Read More »

First time drinking Becks Beer.. It smells like Marijuana.. Tastes it too.. Will it get me high?

No, Hops is a cousin of cannabis and it is used to make beer. It is sensible for you to get the same flavor notes in some cases but it will not get you high