How to Go on a Date if You Don't Have a Lot of Money?

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What is a good amount of money to have saved up?

You need to have an emergency fund of 6 months of living expenses. If you spend $2000 a month on your expenses, you need $12,000.Also, pay off all your debt and save for retirement.

I have two Dahlias in different places but neither will bloom, what could I be doing wrong?

Dahlias start budding in July and bloom in August. They should start blooming in a few weeks.

How to Have a Good Dinner Date with a Limited Budget?

No one I know doesn't like to eat and drink!Many people have limited budgets when it comes to spoiling themselves and others. This How To will show you an easy way to have a great meal without brea... Read More »

If neither of your parents have licenses and you are 16 can you or how do you get an insurance policy in MN?

Answer It depends on the state you reside in. If permitted you would need to be bondedby having a certain amount of money "locked" in an account that you would have no access to unless you were to ... Read More »