What is a good cure for gravel rash?

Answer Oh no pet, thats no good, vitamin e ointment or aloe vera, need a hand to apply it :)

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How to cure a 10 year rash?

Topamax is anti convulsant.OK, it changed your intestinal flora. And the rash is the allergy to the 'bad' flora in your gut.Google 'leaky gut syndrome'. No simple solution. 1st need is 14 days o... Read More »

How to Cure Bikini Rash Bumps & Ingrown Hairs?

After shaving the bikini area, many women suffer from a condition known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, or ingrown hairs. These unsightly bumps occur when the hair shaft curls and re-enters the skin ... Read More »

Hi; i got sever back rash from dry skin, what is good for dry skin or good remedy?

Well, for severe dry skin, I would recommend several things. One thing that you could do is to drink more water. Another thing that could work is lotion. You may want to stick with non-scented or l... Read More »

What kind of ointment is good for a baby's rash?

The best diaper rash ointments contain zinc oxide, which is naturally moisture resistant and protects a baby’s skin from moisture. Petroleum jelly can also protect a rash from moisture and help i... Read More »