What is a good contrast ratio on an LCD television?

Answer On One Hand: Strictly, Around 1,000:1Contrast ratio reflects the difference between the brightest white and the darkest black an LCD TV can display and is often used as an indicator of the TV's qua... Read More »

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Is dynamic contrast ratio important when purchasing a television?

Answer Note: The below answer discusses "contrast ratio". "Dynamic contrast ratio" is a feature that automatically adjusts the contrast and brightness based on the darkness of the image. There is... Read More »

Which is better: 3000000:1 contrast ratio tv or 150000:1 contrast ratio?

3000000:1 is technically better (higher the better).However, do not trust the advertised contrast ratio of TVs. It now means nothing. (It was useful when brands didn't cheats a few years ago, but n... Read More »

Difference between aspect ratio to dynamic contrast ratio?

Aspect ratio is the height and width of the picture or screen. Sometimes this is called FORMAT. Contrast is how much difference there is between the whitest and blackest part of the picture.

TV contrast ratio?

Higher is better. Once you get to 15000:1, the difference will be hard to see, except in a very dark room. The numbers themselves don't mean much as they are measured under unrealistic conditions... Read More »