What is a good computer animating program?

Answer 2D (software: 1. Anime Studio 2. Manga Studio)3D (so... Read More »

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What is a good stop motion computer program?

Here are a couple of Youtube videos I found on the net about Stop Motion Programs for free:…… Read More »

What is a good program to make computer games?

On One Hand: Flash Game Design Is PopularFlash video games, or "flash games," are very popular online and there are many beginner-friendly flash tutorials online. Using free programs, anyone can le... Read More »

What's a good computer programming computer tutoring program i can download?

You can start learning C++ with these video tutorials:…They are perfect for beginners. This one can get you started by showing you how to install a free co... Read More »

What is a good program to erase all of my computer usage history?

Wow, you've asked about this like 4 times. LOL. I really want to know what you did that you're so scared of mom & dad finding.Unless one of your parents really know their salt with computers, whate... Read More »