What is a good companion plant for passion fruit?

Answer Answer Reading Judith Collins' book; alfalfa, marjoram, lemon-grass, scented geraniums are good.

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How do I plant dry banana& passion fruit seeds?

Seed PlantingPlant the seeds anytime from late winter to late spring. Place the seeds in a small plastic container or glass and add enough water to cover the seeds. Allow them to soak overnight. Us... Read More »

What time of year is good to plant fruit trees?

The best time of year to plant fruit trees is in the early to late fall. It is also the best time to transplant existing fruit trees to a new location.Source:Seattle Times: It's time to plant a fru... Read More »

What does a passion fruit taste like?

Tastes like rich, ripe and sweet GUAVA. Amazing aromatic flavor that lingers in your mouth.

What are the companion cells in a plant?

Companion cells in plants are also known as pollen vegetative cells. They nourish and help inactivate DNA sequences that could damage the DNA of pollen cells, thus protecting the genetic material p... Read More »