What is a good compact mega zoom camera needs to be under 200 on amazon or eBay at LEAST 10 times ZOOM GREAT picture quality and functionality?

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HELP ! I bought an Olympus Accura Zoom XB 70, 38-70mm AF Zoom Camera off eBay it came W/OUT INSTRUCTIONS! !?…try this link hopefully it'll save you.i dont have the camera myself but i research on google and found the olympus website and went from there. hope thi... Read More »

Is it true that when you zoom in with a digital camera you lose quality, but use optical zoom and you won't?

All digital zoom does is basically crop the image you take, this means you get a greatly reduced megapixel count, which equals a loss in quality, instead of using digital zoom, it's better to take ... Read More »

What camera should i buy if i want to photo tornadoes with long ranged zoom and good quality for big frame pictures.?

It depends on the type of problem you're trying to fix. Some parts cost more than others. In some cases it won't make sense to fix but rather to get a new camera.

Which Camera should I buy ( Mega pixels vs. Optical Zoom)?

MP are not a measure of image quality, but only of image size.The image quality comes from the skill of the photographer, the quality of the lens, and of the precision of the measurements of each i... Read More »