What is a good cleaner for laminate flooring?

Answer On One Hand: Follow Manufacturer's GuidelinesThe manufacturer provides guidelines for floor cleaning. Follow manufacturer's care instructions or you may void your warranty. In addition, use a damp ... Read More »

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Can you use a steam cleaner on laminate flooring?

Can you use a steam cleaner or mop on laminate flooring?

Answer It is NOT recommended to use a steam cleaner on laminate flooring. Water and laminate do not mix, neither does water and hardwood. Ask these steam cleaning manufacturers if they will replace... Read More »

Can you use Mop n Glo or Future non wax cleaner on wood laminate flooring?

yesI would NOT use that on a laminate floor. You can buy special cleaners for laminate floors, or make your own. Also, Swiffer Wet Jet has cleaner that is safe for laminate floors, but you have to ... Read More »

Does the Shark steam cleaner work on laminate flooring?

Shark steam cleaners are recommended only for sealed floors like vinyl and tile. This means it shouldn't be used unsealed laminate or hardwood flooring, or you may risk the steam warping your floor... Read More »