Is applebees a good place to eatWhat is a good choice on the menu?

Answer No! We travel all around the U.S. for our work and have patronized many Applebee's figuring it was location for the bad food and service at the previous one. We believe in giving a food chain the b... Read More »

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Do you think it would be a good choice to have surgery?

Firstly you dont' have to have coloured contacts you can use clear which are cheapter and better adn there is no need to take them otu when you swim or shower , that is a myth. I've swum and shower... Read More »

What is a good choice for my first drink?

Its really easy to overdrink when you're new into drinking...infact i still do it lol. Drink beer, its easily counted, tastes alright too

Is the Marines a good choice?

The above answer is actually very wrong. It is a great choice. You may get shot at, yes but if you wanted to be completely safe then DO NOT join the military. The choices available to Marines as fa... Read More »

Why is it good to eat lunch?