What is a good cappuccino machine under $50?

Answer Seriously check out the Mr. coffee compact espresso machine with frothing wand. The best price I found was at k-mart, however please wait until a sale. I combined a sale price with a percent off c... Read More »

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Do I need cappuccino machine to make it ?

Yes, you pretty much do need one. Cappucino is espresso coffee with STEAMED milk and foam added, and flavoring. A latte is simply coffee with steamed milk. If you try anything else, you simply won'... Read More »

How do I use a Krups espresso cappuccino machine?

PreparationPut the filter basket in the filter holder, and add ground espresso to the desired number of cups. Fit the filter into the machine. Fill the carafe with fresh water to the appropriate le... Read More »

Where can I buy cappuccino mix for my Mr. Cappuccino maker?…

Are Cappuccino's bad for you?

occasionally, but not everyday. I'd say you can drink one every week, but more than that and you could gain weight from it. It also depends on your diet and activity.