What is a good camera to record Youtube videos A good wireless Microphone?

Answer HD Camcorders and DSLR Cameras interpolate the video, which means of every 25 frames of video, 4 or 5 frames are taken by the lens assembly; the other frames in between these are filled in by the c... Read More »

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Good microphone for casual YouTube videos? It's a good microphone and only 80 dollars.

What is a good hd camcorder to record yourself for youtube videos?

You should go with Sony HDR-CX190 since your budget is 200 dollars.

Can the Nikon s70 record videos with sound and is it a good all around camera?

When in the normal shooting mode, look for a button with a (+-) symbol on the right side of the circular control panel. Press this button to adjust your exposure setting and make sure you press "ok... Read More »

What camera is good for HD YouTube videos?

Start with a budget.Cameras and camcorders that can capture video cost between $80 up to $80,000. These will provide digital storage of some sort. If you really need a film camera, Panavision and A... Read More »