What is a good camera that is pretty cheep?

Answer My favorite inexpensive digital camera is the Canon A590 IS.It's a good quality camera, with good features, and many manual exposure controls not available in similar cameras in the same class:Imag... Read More »

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What is a pretty good/ inexpensive HD video camera?

Redcorn no know... what you think I am Hank, a Best Buy employee...?Hey, that good idea... go to Best Buy, and ask them.

I am wanting to get a digital camera. What ones are good and pretty easy to work with?

I wanna buy a good webcam. but i want it cheep.? currently has a special sale for the Creative Live! Cam Pro:…It's less then $10 after rebates if you sign up for Google Checkout.

Good quality tablet that's cheep?

By "front" do you mean the camera looks at you?I just bought a Google Nexus 7 tablet for $200. It has all this and is getting rave reviews.Any of the big box stores will have it, even Walmart.