What is a good camera for both recording and taking photos?

Answer there are alot of camera models for the price you saidcheck the link below for the available cameras reviews for that price

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Is this camera good for taking nice photos?

Funny, you don't care about quality but care about nice photos! I think you don't care about camera build quality!!This is a nice camera. Don't go with what others have to say. Samsung makes nice c... Read More »

Would a nikon coolpixL120 be a good enough camera for taking proferssional wedding photos?

No. Any pro worth his / her salt will at least have a Canon dslr in the 600D category or above.Most will have a 4 to 5 thousand dollar camera, many lenses worth another 4 or 5 thousand plus many o... Read More »

I need a camera that good for taking high quality photos of my paintings and can make large clear prints.?

You need a few things to make this happen* a good dSLR* a macro lens (they are the sharpest and show the least vignetting, pincushion or barrel distortion)* a sturdy tripod* two 500 watt incandesce... Read More »

What Type of Camera Is Best for Taking Professional Photos?

In the photography world, the word professional is subjective. Most cameras possess the ability to take professional photos. The person behind the camera, however, makes all the difference. That be... Read More »