What is a good breakfast that contains good protein?

Answer 1- Eggs:Eggs are rich in protein, with 6 grams per whole egg. If cholesterol or fat is a concern, limit your consumption or consume two egg whites in place of one whole egg.2- Dairy:Most milk produ... Read More »

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What are some good high protein recipes or list high protein foods to eat?

Hi protein foods:Meat, cheese, eggs, yogurt.Or, add protein or whey powder to your smoothies!Make a spinach protein fruit smoothie!This is the one my daughter makes over and over again: http://www.... Read More »

How much protein is good for you?

On One Hand: Too Much ProteinDiets that have too much protein can lead to health problems, including osteoporosis, cancer, kidney issues and heart disease. You're essentially forcing your kidneys ... Read More »

Is there any good protein source?

Beans, nuts, lentils, seeds, vegetables such as potatoes, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, rice, bread, peanut butter, ect.If you eat enough fresh and non processed foods, you most definitely will get... Read More »

What is a good way to get a lot of protein into your diet?

Here are the highest veg sources of protein:1 cup of firm tofu - 40 g(rams)1 cup cooked tempeh - 30 g1 cup cooked soybeans - 29 g1 cup cooked Seitan (wheat gluten) - 20 g1 cup cooked TVP (Textured ... Read More »